About Us

Ani Artisanal is a Handcrafted Lifestyle Brand.

We Create and Curate Authentic Goods for Natural Lifestyles.

Our Products are designed and created using traditional and modern techniques by Artisans around the globe. 

We work with Artisans in Ghana to create our Bolga pieces and Thailand for our Thai goods. 

The rest of our goods are from Artisans in Bali, and Morocco. We hope to encourage and support local businesses and our natural environment.

Ani Artisanal was created in 2018 by Rhoda Obineche, an Igbo-Canadian with a passion to create and promote Handmade, Sustainable Goods for Natural Living.

Ani is the Earth Goddess in the Igbo language, a tribe in Southeastern Nigeria where I was born. 

Ani Artisanal was born from my love for African Artisan Goods, and we are happy to have grown into a platform supporting local economies across various continents, sharing traditional knowledge and preserving our natural environment.   

We are in Vancouver, Canada